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CT-3342/CT-3442 Tournament Class Tripods and Accessories


  Max Height
without Column
Max Height with
Optional Column
Minimum Height
without column
Folded Length Maximum Leg
Tube Diameter
Weight Max Load Price Availability
CT-3342 142cm/55.9in 186cm/73.2in1 18cm/7.1in 59cm /23.2in 28mm/1.1in 1.03kg/2.27lbs 10kg /22lbs $299.00 Order
CT-3442 138cm/54.3in 171cm/67.3in2 16cm/6.3in 48cm /18.9 in 28mm/1.1in 1.05kg /2.31lbs 10kg /22lbs $309.00 Order

1 With Optional CT-3342CC Center Column Kit - $39.00
2 With Optional CT-3442CC Center Column Kit - $39.00

The body frame of CT-3342/3442 is precisely milled from 7075 aluminum alloy that is used in the aerospace industry.  In addition, the carbon fiber legs are made of tournament class carbon fiber material.  With such outstanding building materials, the CT-3342/CT-3442 tripods offer and unbeatable combination of ultra light weight and extremely impressive rigidity.  In terms of price vs. performance, the CT-3342 and CT3442 offer uncompromised performance at an affordable price.  There are simply no other tripods on the market today that offer a better combination of weight, strength and price than the Feisol CT-3342/CT-3442 Tournament Class Tripods.

7075 aluminum alloy is a high strength standardized aluminum alloy material.  It costs at least three times as much as regular aluminum alloy.  Only parts with special weight and strength requirements use this material.  7075 aluminum alloy is usually used in  the aerospace industry where the combination of lightweight and high strength provided by this alloy is highly desirable.

Like aluminum alloys, carbon fiber materials also come in different grades.  Most carbon fiber goods are made of common consumer grade carbon fiber materials. However, during competitions which call for ultimate performance, such as bicycle and car races, regular carbon fiber material performance is insufficient. To meet these varying needs, different grades of specialized carbon fiber materials have been developed.  The greater the strength, the higher the cost. The specialized carbon fiber material used in the CT-3342/CT-3442 Tournament Class tripods provides super high strength, yet is even lighter than the regular consumer grade carbon fiber materials used in many competing products.

The main feature of the Feisol Tournament Class tripod series is an unbeatable combination of lightweight and amazing rigidity.  All leg tube sections are designed to have the largest cross-section diameter possible to form a very strong and steady structure while keeping the total weight of the tripod to an absolute minimum.  In order to achieve this result, the Feisol Tournament Class tripods do not have anti-rotation mechanisms on the leg tubes.  To add such anti-rotation mechanisms would have compromised rigidity and added weight (and cost).  The CT-3342 has a maximum leg tube diameter of 28mm and a diameter of 22mm on the smallest bottom leg section (3rd section).  The CT-3442 has a maximum leg tube diameter of 28mm and a diameter of 19mm on the smallest bottom leg section (4th section). By combining the maximum possible leg tube diameters for each section with the higher grade Tournament Class carbon fiber materials the design goal of achieving maximum rigidity with minimum weight was realized. The resulting CT-3342 and CT-3442 products offer a combination of high strength and light weight that is unmatched by the competition.


Tripod Main Frame made from 7075 Aluminum Alloy, Precisely CNC Milled to Shape








Tournament Grade Carbon Fiber Leg Tubes




Locking Rings covered with Soft Rubber Gel Grips

This picture shows semi-finished CT-3342/CT-3442 metal components.  The parts are machined to a level of precision that no other mass produced tripods can match. The CT-3342/CT3442 Tournament Class series comes with the default flat mounting plate.  It also supports an optional 75mm Leveling Base Mount for use with the optional LB-7567 leveling base ($79.00) base, or the optional Center Column for use with the optional CT-3342CC and CT-3442CC center column kits ($39.00 each)  The legs of CT-3342 and CT-3442 can be reverse folded upward to hold the CB-50D ballhead within the three folded legs for a more compact collapsed size for travel (see photos below).  Optional short ($12.00) and long ($15.00) stainless steel foot spikes are also available for the CT-3342 and CT-3442 Tournament Class models.


CT-3442 Tournament Class Tripod CT-3342 Tournament Class Tripod CT-3442 Tournament Class Tripod
with CB-50 Ballhead


CNC Milled 7075 Aluminum Body
with Laser Engraved Markings
Close-Up: CT-3442 Tripod
with CB-50 Ballhead

Accessories for the CT-3342/CT-3442 Tournament Class Tripods:

CT-3342CC Kit CT-3442CC Kit LB-7567 3 Short Spikes 3 Long Spikes
$39.00 $39.00 $79.00 $12.00 $15.00
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